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Session 1
  • Knowledge About College: Create the Path
    Join us to discover a ready-to-use college information curriculum for grades K-8! An electronic grade-level based curriculum will focus on familiarizing students with both 2- and 4-year colleges as post secondary education options. This session is designed to assist counselors in educating students who are unfamiliar with, or may not traditionally consider college as a realistic path. This curriculum will incorporate new and existing VIEW resources, ideas for guest speakers and fieldtrips, and ways to incorporate college as part of a career day experience. This session was developed based on research from the 8-year (and counting) Virginia Tech Kindergarten to College (K2C) pipeline program, which encourages students from Title I schools to envision themselves as a college student.

  • Exploring Careers with Project Based Learning*
    Get ready to put a new spin on career exploration with this hands on...minds on workshop! Engage your students in a meaningful career exploration process where students gain knowledge and skills for career development by investigating and responding to a complex problem, question, or challenge. Several project based career exploration learning challenges will be introduced from K-8th grade relating to Virginia's Academic Standards of Learning and Counseling Standards. A full electronic toolbox is included with PBL resources.

    *Please note this session was presented during the 2016 workshop season, but due to high demand, we are offering this session again during the 2017 workshop season.

Session 2
  • VIEW and the New Academic & Career Plan Portfolio Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, students will begin the development of an Academic and Career Plan Portfolio (ACPP) in elementary grades to include information about interests, values such as dependability and responsibility, and skills supporting decisions about their future interests and goals. Discover VIEW resources to add to this portfolio including planning notes, class projects, interest inventory results, awards, recognition, and other information related to the academic and career plan portfolio.

  • Imagining the Future: Helping Students Discover Their Passion*
    As educators, how can we nurture curiosity in the classroom? This session focuses on mindful ways to help students be creative thinkers, able not only to set goals for their future, but also to dream about their future. Join us to explore how we can help students think differently, appreciate diverse experiences, and strive to discover their passion. In addition to an interactive in-session experience, participants will explore an electronic toolkit including VIEW resources, activity ideas, and more!

    *Please note this session was presented during the 2016 workshop season, but due to high demand, we are offering this session again during the 2017 workshop season.

Fall 2017 Workshops Series

5 Workshops will be offered across the state of Virginia

  • Choose 2 out of 4 sessions.

  • All workshops will be held from 7:30AM-12PM. In accordance with Virginia's Licensure Renewal Manual, p. 9, we will provide 4 hours of in-classroom training during this Professional Conference.

  • Participants will earn 5 Continuing Education points for completing 4 hours of training.
    • Partial credit will not be available
    • Some sessions may fill up faster than others
    • All sessions apply to grades K-8


  • Virginia Career VIEW will be providing light refreshments in the morning to include, coffee, juice, water, and assorted breakfast snacks. We will not provide lunch.

  • Cost: Free
  • Sessions are held in computer labs / classrooms
    • For all workshop locations: We encourage everyone to bring a laptop computer and a flash drive to the workshop.
  • Registering online:
    • After registering for a workshop an initial email confirmation will be sent
    • Approximately one week prior to the workshop a reminder email will be sent including
      • Directions
      • Agenda
      • Parking information
      • Facilities information

  • A certificate of completion will be provided at the conclusion of each workshop


Workshop Information

Outreach Program

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    Request a Virginia Career VIEW Outreach Coordinator for an on-site event,
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